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Often times it is a lack of self confidence that holds us in a state of inaction. Yes, action overcomes fear, however, at the same time action builds self-confidence. The mere fact of stepping out in faith develops self-confidence because taking a step forward and through fear is in itself a success!

Jerry Clark Presents “The Success Triangle”

Jerry Clark is my friend,colleague, mentor and coach. He is a man of high integrity that has been there and done that. There are many people promoting themselves as a master, and teaching how to build a network marketing company when in fact they have never built one themselves. Jerry made his first million in network marketing before the age of 24 years old!!!

Listen to the pro, the master below:

1 Minute To Success

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Outrageous Success

………Begins In 1 Minute…..

Today is a new day….

the first day of your life…..

live one minute at a time.

We can do anything for 1 minute.

I started my 45 minute gym work out with my 1 minute at a time philosophy.

I give myself permission to stay in the gym for 1 minute and then I celebrate that 1 minute.

If I leave after the 1 minute I celebrate that I stayed for 1 minute.

Celebration, recognition, and self-praise will create for you to do more of the same.

Always be celebrating no matter how small your success.

Keep a celebration journal and at night write all your 1 minute celebrations, then praise yourself for your accomplishments.

I work on a 1 minute basis daily. Blog for 1 minute.

When you give yourself permission to blog for only 1 minute I guarantee you that you will blog longer.

Most of the time we require a 1 minute philosophy to jump start our activity.

I know all of you have heard of 1 day at a time. You know that can be daunting.

Think about it 1 day is 1440 minutes. That is a lot of minutes. That is 86,400 seconds.

The first time I climbed unto the treadmill after xxxx number of years 1 minute was an extremely challenging amount of time, after all that was 60 seconds.

Races have been won by .71 seconds. I am sharing this to point out that seconds do have value.

Always celebrate you 1 minute…your 60 seconds this will always lead to more successful behavior I guarantee it!!!!

Daily journal of your multiple 1 minute success will lead to outrageous success!!!

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

The Barbara Williams


PS: 84% of the population take nutritional supplementation!!!


PPS: Every 6 seconds someone joins a home business.

Action Leads To Results

Action Leads To Results

Action is a habit, which leads to winning, however, so is inaction, which leads to failure.

Action cures fear and inaction creates terror. Nothing is worse than fear itself. Most of the time that which is feared creates greater turmoil then the realization of that which is feared.

When we sit in fear it expands and grows bigger and bigger becoming a terror in our life and this fear is like a rocking chair we rock and we rock and we go nowhere festering in inaction.

Step up, step out get into action; whether the action is big or small matters not simple begin to move in a positive direction.

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Action is what makes things happen. Action creates our successes. Action is has won the various Olympic Gold Medals. It is that ounce of action repeated over time and compound that magnifies and manifests results.

One degree of action is the difference between first or second place; it is that extra ounce of action that creates our winners in the game of life.

In conclusion, make action a habit and decide, commit, take action and you will enjoy a lifetime of awesome results.



Tell me the secret….

Success leaves clues…

Know this, you will never earn more than your the average of your 5 closest friends, and that’s is a fact. Change your friends change your income.

When you walk like a duck you must be a duck….start walking like a millionaire, talk like a millionaire, dress like a millionaire and you know what the day will come that you are a millionaire.

If you lay down with dogs it is guaranteed you will get fleas.

Produce daily….RPA…revenue producing activity….daily do the revenue producing activities of a millionaire.

Many people want to be a millionaire so they can do nothing…well, that won’t happen, because, translated that means, let me be a millinaire so I don’t have to breath and the Universe won’t allow that to happen because to not breath is to die. So when you ask to be a millionaire so you can die (not breathing) the Universe will not allow that to happen.

Your words have wings. Be aware of your internal and eternal dialogue and change it if you must. What you speak you attract to you.

You must DO, BE, HAVE…. you must DO certain things in a certain way so you can BE the person you want to BE and then you will HAVE all that you deserve. However in that specific order, DO, BE, HAVE.

Success leaves clues….

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