Vision of A Rich Man

Think about this….what does the word rich really mean?

Yes, we all know that to be rich is also to be wealthy.

However, most people, that is 95% of our population think to be rich  only represents a man with a wallet stuffed full green paper and how can think a man with a wallet full of green paper be so important.

Most people fail to see all the important gifts a rich woman or man gives to the masses in various manners. For example, they give charitable donations to a variety of causes.

A rich man thrives rather than merely survives which positions him to create scholarships for children of less fortunate families, with his blessing of abundance he can share travel excursions with his family, his kids, their friends, his extended family and friends.

Remember to have more in life you have to do more and to do more you have to be more and in order to be more you must have desires, dreams, images, vision, goals, and a roadmap and picture of what you want to be, do,have, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years from today.

There are scholarships for dance, ballet, tennis, higher education, and the list goes on.

I want to become richer everyday in order to be able to give more, to contribute more to make the world a better place.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker

How To Profit Now

Let me introduce myself, I am Barbara Williams from a small town just outside the San Francisco Bay Area.
Due to our current situation with employment being compromised, I now am an IBO in the independent freelance group.
This way I do not have an employer nor a limited income by an employer either; I am now free to make as much as I deserve!
View this video:
I chose to NO longer REVOLVE, going round and round going and spiraling down, I was making the same income week after week.
In my previous REVOLVING money making model I was duplicating the same system, called a job, that was good for those in the 50s; they did this duplication thing working a job thing over and over again and getting nowhere.
They went to work to SURVIVE, however, most were unable to THRIVE like the 5% of the population are doing THRIVING EVERY HOUR.
I decided to EVOLVE and to THRIVE  by changing my money making model.
Now, my income is increasing weekly.


Apply for a position now.
Call me, Barbara, at 209-233-1929

Today’s Thoughts Are Tomorrows’ Reality!

Well, I am so happy now that I decided to start a new life.

New friends, new business, new life!!!

Today is day 1 to the rest of my life.

I started day 1 on a 40 day journey. Yes, it is a 40 day journey to increased prosperity and abundance. Most people think prosperity and abundance is synonymous with money; it can be flourishing financially in relation to prosperity, however, abundance refers to a large amount of something. So we are blessed to be able to have a large amount of joy, love, friendships, happiness, comfort, and on it goes…..

Now back to the point….I am inviting you to join me on my journey with with John Randolph Price -The 40 Day Prosperity Plan. You can purchase this audiobook from or . Join me, let’s lock arms and do this together and if you would like me to be your accountability partner and you can email me at and I will return your emails.

We deserve comfort, peace, health, happiness, joy, love, friendship, love and so much more……money buys comfort and makes life easier.

“A rose by any other name is still a rose”, Shakespeare

Day 1
God is lavish unfailing abundance the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe, this all providing source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me, as my divine consciousness the reality of me.

Day 2
My soul is the direct expression of this mastermind “I am” and the purpose of my soul is to be conscious, to be aware, to understand, and to know that the divine presence “I am” is the source and substance of all my good.

Day 3
When I am conscious of the inner presence as my lavish abundance, and when I am conscious of the constant activity of this mind of infinite prosperity within me my consciousness is filled with the light of truth.

Day 4
Through my consciousness of my God self the Christ within as my source I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of spirit this substance is my supply thus my consciousness of the presence of God within me is my supply.

Day 5
Money is not my supply, no person, place or conviction is my supply. My awareness understanding and knowledge of the all providing activity of the divine mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.

Day 6
My inner supply instantly and constantly take on form and experience according to my needs and desires. Therefore, as the principle of supply in action it is impossible for me to have any needs or unfulfilled desires.

Day 7
The divine consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of abundance this is its responsibility not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this truth therefore I am totally confident of letting go and letting God appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life and affairs.

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Develop An Email Campaign

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Often times it is a lack of self confidence that holds us in a state of inaction. Yes, action overcomes fear, however, at the same time action builds self-confidence. The mere fact of stepping out in faith develops self-confidence because taking a step forward and through fear is in itself a success!

Jerry Clark Presents “The Success Triangle”

Jerry Clark is my friend,colleague, mentor and coach. He is a man of high integrity that has been there and done that. There are many people promoting themselves as a master, and teaching how to build a network marketing company when in fact they have never built one themselves. Jerry made his first million in network marketing before the age of 24 years old!!!

Listen to the pro, the master below:

1 Minute To Success

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Outrageous Success

………Begins In 1 Minute…..

Today is a new day….

the first day of your life…..

live one minute at a time.

We can do anything for 1 minute.

I started my 45 minute gym work out with my 1 minute at a time philosophy.

I give myself permission to stay in the gym for 1 minute and then I celebrate that 1 minute.

If I leave after the 1 minute I celebrate that I stayed for 1 minute.

Celebration, recognition, and self-praise will create for you to do more of the same.

Always be celebrating no matter how small your success.

Keep a celebration journal and at night write all your 1 minute celebrations, then praise yourself for your accomplishments.

I work on a 1 minute basis daily. Blog for 1 minute.

When you give yourself permission to blog for only 1 minute I guarantee you that you will blog longer.

Most of the time we require a 1 minute philosophy to jump start our activity.

I know all of you have heard of 1 day at a time. You know that can be daunting.

Think about it 1 day is 1440 minutes. That is a lot of minutes. That is 86,400 seconds.

The first time I climbed unto the treadmill after xxxx number of years 1 minute was an extremely challenging amount of time, after all that was 60 seconds.

Races have been won by .71 seconds. I am sharing this to point out that seconds do have value.

Always celebrate you 1 minute…your 60 seconds this will always lead to more successful behavior I guarantee it!!!!

Daily journal of your multiple 1 minute success will lead to outrageous success!!!

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

The Barbara Williams


PS: 84% of the population take nutritional supplementation!!!


PPS: Every 6 seconds someone joins a home business.