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I connected with Jeffery Combs of Golden Mastermind in 1998 and he has been my mentor and friend ever since that time.
Jeffery Combs

Choose.. Regret what you did not do or Celebrate and be Glad you DID IT!

While continuously attending Jeffery Combs events I met his good friend, leader, mentor, trainer Jerry D’Rhino Clark. He soon became my coach and friend. I continue coaching with Jerry Clark today.

You will find Jerry Clark at

I am an annual member with Club Rhino and I access continued learning on a daily basis and you can too!

Coaching with Jerry Clark weekly continues to make a difference on a daily basis. I am more, do more and have more than when I started coaching with Jerry.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. It not necessarily the cars we drive, our cruises, vacations, processions and all the tangible things we process however it is who we become in the process of producing that is a far greater reward; it is the “lo inefable”, that is to say, it is beyond words, the indefinable, breathtaking results that are staggering! The astonishingly incredible success that we strive for, that is “lo ineffable”!

I am taking this journey with my friend, mentor and coach on a weekly basis that creates the daily successes.

Thank you Jerry!