I Sing Praises To Be Here!!!

I sing praises to be here!

Another day is not promised anyone and I am thrilled to have another day of joy and fulfillment!

I decided to share with you my beginnings….

Before I grew up I use to be a child singing and swinging on my swing play set in my Bellingham, Washington backyard…. Swing, singing and dreaming dreams of grandeur!

I officially started successfully earning in sales at the age of 7 when I was creating and selling Barbie Doll clothing.

Then I add to my entrepreneurial experiences by selling Christmas cards and stationary door to door back in the day when they did not have doorbells…..man I use to have sore knuckles from all the hours of knocking…

Success has always come easily to me and I have always been self motivated!

I started my successful entrepreneurial career in 1996 with a company called Biometics located in Camarillo, California. Now those magnificent products that changed my life and direction and the life and direction of 100,000s of thousands of other people you’ll discover it by clicking here! or http://bit.ly/1Q3n0GV

A Breath Of Fresh Air!

OMG I had an epiphany.

I is 7:41 am, I have started my day, and I am sitting at my desk producing.

Unsuccessfully I reached out to my friend Dave Reeds and he was not available, so I decided to view the progress he is making on his new branding site.

To my surprise his writings are brilliant, real, authentic, and uplifting!

It struck me as interesting that I have attended many seminars, conventions, tele-seminars and on and on we go and Dave has perfected it.

Dave has joined EMP elite marketing pro. He is moving his way through the ranks.

Visit Dave Reeds’ site at The Dave Reeds Blog!
Readers are leaders, the first step to success is to start reading daily.

5 Key Positions!

I have 5 leadership spots –

I will work closely with 5 key people,

who would love to learn more about

KETOSIS, helping others to heal and making money!!

This is not for the faint of heart – this is pre-launch!

Success in business, free enterprise, online,

offline and any form of marketing is







To succeed you must be able to close sales in order to make money!!!

Rumor Has It….

http://BarbaraWilliams.netLet’s take this 1 step at a time.

I received a post from an Authority figure in our industry.

“You must know Internet, SEO, E-commerce, Keyword, Social Network, Email, and Analytics.”

Well, who wants to write a blog article after that bit of information?

Oh, in my ignorance I am now going to right a written blog article.

William E. Bailey is a legend in the personal development industry. People such as Jim Rohn and Les Brown call Bill one of the most important teachers in their life. Bill is a world-class entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor to some of the world’s best-known success personalities.
Bill’s life story could easily be the subject of a major motion picture. Born in complete obscurity in the hills of Caney, Kentucky, Bill went on to build several major companies in widely different industries. His life story is a testament to the power of the American Dream.
Starting out with unbelievable challenges, Bill became a modern day Horatio Alger. In fact, Bill was even awarded the prestigious “Horatio Alger Award” along with such other recipients as Billy Graham, Norman Vincent Peale, Mary Kay Ashe, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Having established his fortune and reputation by building several business enterprises, Bill now concentrates his creative skills on his “Growth into Greatness Institute” which is dedicated to helping others reach more of their true potential.
Bill’s passion for life is truly inspirational. He knows how to live life first class and his willingness to share what he’s learned makes him a rare mentor.

I have been listening to Williams Bailey everyday for over a week now. All I can say is “Amazing!!!”

I am thankful I discovered the cds through Jerry Clark! I think Jerry now has “The Lost Tapes Of A Legend” William Bailey on a download. Check it out on http://ClubRhino.com

For more posts go to http://BarbaraWilliams.net




Rumors Have It….


Many years ago I gave birth to a breathtaking daughter Rachael Willaims.

Who would have thought it would lead to me being blessed with 5 awe-inspiring grand-children, each unique in a different manner.

I would love to have the opportunity to share a big piece of my life, vision, why and goals.

Here are my beautiful grandchildren. I am truly blessed!!!

Madison Medina Williams-Azamy is the first born and the only girl I raise. Her middle name Medina comes from Medina which is the second holiest site in Islam.

Some of you my remember 2007 when I spoke on stage at a Xango event to then return home to discover my grandson Xavier was taken from my daughter and placed in a foster home. I was devastated and in pain. I remember Marguerite Gleason reaching out to me in prayer.

Well, the apparent bad is so good thanks to the blessings of the Lord along with our positive attitudes.

From left to right, not in chronological order, is Josie dob 7/1/13, Nathaniel dob 9/7/14, Madison dob 05/21/01, Rosie dob 11/17/10 and my man Xavier dob 10/24/07 (I’ll never forget that date) I was to speak on stage for the Corey Citron event.

Anyway, Josie, Nathaniel, Madison, Rosie, Xavier.

Chronological order Madison Williams-Azamy.
Xavier Jameson Campbell.
Rosie – Rosario Julissa Silva Williams.
Josie Beth Diana Campbell.
Nathaniel Ryan Campbell.

Rachael Williams gave birth to all 5 of these gorgeous children.

And out of what appeared to be lemons was made lemonade, thanks to Jimmy and Michaelle, and Andrea Rath and Hector Silva Preciado.

Michaelle and Jimmy adopted 3 of my grandchildren and they live just north of me.

Hector, the biological father of Rosie, is now raising, with wife Andrea Rath, my gorgeous Rosie in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Rosie will be coming to visit next summer 2016.

And I am visiting Nathan, Josie and Xavier once a month thanks to Michaelle.

Madison and I will be spending this 4th of July with Xavier, Josie and Nathan along with Jimmy and Michaelle and her family. Praise Jesus.

Next summer 2016, Heidi Marie Loop, my sister, will fly down from Anchor Point, Alaska with her 2 children, Chloe Loop, and Nevaeh Loop to stay in my home at the same time as Rosie from Mexico and well will all attend 2016 4th of July with Jimmy and Michaelle.

I am pleased.

Check out more at http://BarbaraWilliams.net

Mindset Rules!

What A Heroine!!! – Mindset Conquers Obstacles

Oprah Winfrey was confronted with various hardships, obstacles and down right painful experiences. No human being should have to face obstacles like those of Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah chose her mindset and set out to conquer her obstacles.

What are the chances for a girl born to a 14 year old unwed mother born and into poverty in a rural area of Mississippi? Then at age 9 to 13 Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused by male relatives.. What kind of emotional scarring occurred to Oprah as a result of her horrific experiences?

At age 14 she had had enough, Oprah ran away and was picked up sent to juvenile hall. Oprah was faced with no more beds consequently The Juvenile facility threw her to the curb, the she was out on the street fending for herself. She became promiscuous and became pregnant. She ended up losing her little boy.

The road turned.

After, numerous hardships Oprah lived with her father. Her father was a strict disciplinarian who expected her to read a book a week and write a report on it.

He expected her to do her best and she lived in a structured environment.

It was with her father where Oprah Winfrey excelled and was a Honor Student and won awards in oratory and dramatic recitation. This unlikely child became Oprah Winfrey who we all love and admire. What was it in her that she did not accept that she would be ordinary?

Oprah’s grit, mindset, determination, ambition, vision, enthusiasm and thirst for life drove her to win!!!

Oprah Winfrey is a heroine, conquering any and all obstacles, paving a road for other disadvantaged women to glean the courage to forge forward.